Claire Wyzenbeek lives and makes art in Gloucester, Massachusetts. She currently teaches Art classes in her studio at Yes Art Space in Beverly, MA. Her work has been exhibited in numerous shows regionally and nationally. View her work and her exhibition list at or on Instagram @claire_skylark.

The imagery in Claire’s paintings uses life events, emotions and states of awareness as inspirations. This awareness comes from an internal truth or a deep connection to the natural world. Color has an emotional resonance that is often the starting point of a painting.

Her figures and landscapes exist in symbolic settings, painted from both memory and life. Some juxtapose opposing sensations like joy and suffering, or love and anguish. In other works, she explores a specific feeling or physical experience. Recurring themes are renewal, journeys, the female body, relationships, and the spiritual power of Nature.

Claire has a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa and a diploma with a focus on Painting and Art History from the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Ma.